Household Form

Household Form

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    If you do not have a joint proposer, please proceed to premises details


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    Are you a smoker?

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    Has your home been extended, other than for a conservatory, which has resulted in more than 10% increase in the original floor area?*

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    Is this on a manual or clerical basis?

    Is the property together with the surrounding area free from signs of damage (e.g. cracking or bulging walls) and free from subsidence or underpinning?*

    Free from flooding?*

    Are there any trees or shrubs within 7-seven Metres (22-twenty two feet) of the property, which are, more than 5-five Metres (16-sixteen feet) tall?*

    Is the property within 400m of a riverbank, lake, seafront, reservoir, quarry or other excavation?*

    Is it in good repair and well maintained:*

    Is this home occupied solely by you and your family as a permanent residence?*

    Is the property self-contained with a separate lockable entrance under your sole control? *

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    Approved Locks Fitted (Key operated window locks & 5 lever mortise dead locks to front & rear doors):*

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    Contents In The Home

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    Personal Possessions Away From The Home

    If you dont require this then please go to Claim Details

    Unspecified Items with an individual value of less than £1,500

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    Personal Money

    Credit Card

    Frozen Food

    Specified Items with an individual value of £1,500 or more

    Claim Details

    Have you had any household claims in the past five years or any claims at any time in respect of subsidence, heave, or landslip? If so please advise here:*

    Under Contents?

    Under Buildings?

    Did it happen at the current address?

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