Fire Risk

Fire Risk

Fire Risk Assessments


An outline of what you need to know, what you need to do and how we can help you


As from 1 October 2006 all 170 plus pieces of legislation relating to fire safety are replaced by this single Order. Thereafter it will be a criminal offence if you breach the Order and have failed to carry out a proper risk assessment.

If you have more than five employees this assessment must be in a durable format and you must be able to demonstrate its regular review and updating as required. With fewer than five employees it is difficult to see how you can meet your obligations without having the assessment in writing anyway.


The Order will be enforced by the local Fire Authority (no longer the Fire Brigade) and they will be looking for the “responsible person” who has been appointed by the owner, the occupier or the employer, as the case determines, to undertake a risk assessment as required by the legislation.

The purpose of this legislation is to safeguard the lives of employees and all third parties, with the exception of any members of the Fire Brigade.

All fire certificates are invalid from 1 October 2006 and insurers could avoid a claim if there is no evidence of a risk assessment in place. At least one major insurer has already commented to this effect publicly.